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Success Stories

Increasing population has forced farmers to use marginal lands including low-fertility and fragile upland and hilly areas. These areas are vulnerable to drought, soil erosion and fertility decline, and other forms of soil and water resources degradation. In some areas, farmers occupy and access even the so-called danger zones (e.g. landslide prone areas) for their ...

When we hear about mining, there is already a negative connotation linking the activity to soil and water pollution, landslides and environmental degradation. This line of thinking can be attributed to the many tragedies brought about by failure of some mining companies to implement sustainable and ...

The BSWM through the Water Resources Management Division (WRMD), is tasked with the development of water resources in the country for Small-Scale Irrigation Projects (SSIPs). These SSIPs refer to Small Water Impounding Projects (SWIP), Small Diversion Dam (SDD), Shallow Tube Wells (STW) and Small Farm ...

These four stories were chronicled from the experiences of the staff that were part of the community-based watershed management program in different parts of the country. The people of the project areas do not only benefited from the technical support and conservation methods imparted to them, but much more from the livelihood scheme the projects brought along…