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Laboratory Analysis

The frontline service staff at the Client Center will call a Laboratory staff to attend to your needs. There is also a catalogue of laboratory services available and their corresponding fees. Small samples can be brought to the Client Center and our staff will bring them to the Soil Sample Reception room at the basement. However, when there is a huge volume, normally a sack‐load of soil samples, we request the client vehicle to park at the end of the parking lot and unload the samples at the basement door where the Soil Sample Reception room is located.

Please allow two weeks (10 working days as provided by law) for the release of the results. Samples are air dried and analyzed in batch. Usually, the number of samples and the kind of analysis dictates the length of time. Our laboratory staff will inform the client if the two-week allowance is not attainable based on the samples submitted and the kind of analysis required. Samples are analyzed based on standard methodologies as prescribed by the American Soil Science Society. The cost of analysis vary. Please refer to Annex F for price list.

Special analysis using pioneering methods are not covered by the Laboratory Services Division and these special cases should be referred to the Soil and Water Resources Research Division. We have no standard rates or fees for these because it depends on the chemicals that will be used, and the length of the analysis depends on the complexity of the procedures desired by the client. A Terms of Reference may have to be drawn to specify and clarify what are expected from BSWM and the cost of service.

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