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Other Related Services

The BSWM is the Secretariat for the National Technical Committee on Land Use Matters (NTECLUM) to receive and process all applications for final evaluation and action by the Secretary of Agriculture. The list of documentary requirements can be secured from the BSWM Client Center. Our frontline service staff will request NTECLUM staff to assist applicants. As the Committee meets every last Thursday of the month for the evaluation and course of action, a monthly update on the status of the applications will be available at the Client Center. All applications, whether approved or disapproved, are sent to the Office of the Secretary of Agriculture for final action. There are no fees collected for application for Land Use Reclassification.

There are several other services that the general public could avail from BSWM such as preparation of 3-dimentional landscape models called relief maps, soil survey and classification, land resources mapping and evaluation, soil conservation and management, development of rainwater harvesting technologies, soil and water technology research, development and commercialization.

Please note that as a national soil resource agency, soil survey, classification, and mapping of private farms are considered Special Soil Investigations and normally not included in the BSWM budget under the General Appropriations Act. Clients shoulder all costs (transport, meals, lodging) of the soil surveyors. For Department of Agriculture sister agencies desiring farm-level mapping of their research stations, arrangements could be made through a Memorandum of Agreement for cost sharing. The duration of the survey is dictated by the area to be surveyed and the intensity of the survey desired (whether reconnaissance, semi‐detailed, or detailed).

Please further note that as a national resource agency, and with the devolution of many of our functions to the Local Government Units (LGUs), our interactions with farmer clients are usually through farmer groups, cooperatives, associations, or LGUs rather than individually. Thus, requests for Soil Conservation Guided Farms, or for Small Water Impounding Projects are not given to individual farms but to a collective group of farmers. We do assist in farmer organization and in capability buildings to reach out to the marginalized farmers and providing our frontline services in soil and water conservation. A Memorandum of Agreement is generally arranged to define the roles of the different project stakeholders.

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