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Sale of BSWM Products

The BSWM is the mapping arm of the Department of Agriculture. We carry a long list of maps available to the general public at cost. This long list is presented in our Catalogue of Products and Services. Most of these are analog maps but we are slowly moving to digital cartography. Clients needing digital data should coordinate with our front desk officer. Analog maps converted to digital maps are sold usually in TIFF format and carries the same price as the analog map. Please allow about 30 minutes scanning time (without cleaning). As for digital maps when they are available as TIFF, JPEG, PDF, these are sold at the same price as the analog maps. Digital maps in shape file format are sold at P650 per map sheet. We do not print maps for stocking as the paper yellows with age. Please allow some 45 minutes to print the maps; for more map sheets ordered, please allow more than 45 minutes. Cost of maps and reports vary.

Soils follow geologic time span and not human lifespan. A number of provincial soil survey maps and reports are more than 30 years old; and have not been updated. These are not just classic outputs, but timeless and still usable. As the reports more often look like museum pieces, we are still in the process of reprinting them and making the reports available digitally. Please bear with us.

Most recent publications are also in the printing process and would be available digitally and in hard copy. Dissemination of soil and water researches, technology, and knowledge products can be done individually or in groups (open to everyone); and at no cost. Some publications, however, are sold to cover just the printing cost.

BSWM has other products for sale -soil test kits (for NPK), rapid soil test kits (for micro-elements), compost fungus activators to speed up biomass decomposition (Trichoderma harzianum), soil inoculants for legumes (Rhizobia sp.) and mushrooms (by-product of farm waste decomposition, e.g. rice straw utilization. We promote mushroom as an alternative to the use of compost fungus activators). Since these are living organisms, stocks are not available at the Client Center to avoid contamination. We can have the STK/RST and the biological products delivered to the waiting client at the Client Center or the clients themselves may desire to go up to our Biological Production Laboratory for the trichoderma and rhizobia stocks and to the Greenhouse for our mushroom stocks. Please refer to the catalogue or display sample for prices.

BSWM Memorandum No. 7 Series of 2009 was issued by Director Silvino Q. Tejada, as an authority to facilitate the provision of frontline services without seeking transaction specific clearance from the Office of the Director. This action has reduced the response time to serve the clients. BSWM Special Order Nos. 11 and 173 Series of 2009 were issued to designate signing authorities for and in the absence of the Cashier and the Chief Accountant respectively.

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