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A Greener Pasture Inside the BSWM-SWRRD Greenhouse

By Jenny Anne Perlado-Escalona – June 05, 2012

Greenhouse. A word commonly heard nowadays when it comes to environmental issues and concerns. But what do most people know about this?

Fortunately, The Bureau of Soils and Water Management (BSWM), through its Soil and Water Resources Research Division (SWRRD), headed by its Chief, Dr. Edna D. Samar, established and maintained its own greenhouse. It is a structure with controlled environmental condition wherein plants are grown. Its covering material is a glass roof to provide the balance in water, heat, light, air and even fertilizers. These key factors are regulated to allow the plants to have a stable growing environment.

article image
(Top) Vermiculture; (Middle) Dripper; (Bottom) Biogas

The SWRRD allotted a specific area for their studies and researches as well as related activity from other divisions. It mainly serves as the holding area of experimental pots of different studies and projects and it is strategically located at the 4th floor level of the SRDC Building for the convenience of environmental concerns.

The Greenhouse is also used as a show-window of the technologies that are being promoted by the Bureau. From the past activities, it witnessed success from different research studies and some of the most recent are “The Effectiveness of Indigenous Microorganisms (IMO) and Fermented Plant and Fish Extracts as Potential Biopesticides/Biofertilizers for Selected Crops,” “Evaluation of Various Organic Wastes for Vermicompost Production; “The Effect of Varying Levels of Vermicompost for Selected Vegetable Crops”; and “Comparative Evaluation of Space-saving Technologies of Hydroponics of High Value Vegetables.” In addition, Urban Gardening Technology and “Research Cum Demo on the Utilization of Spent Mushroom Substrates in the Production of High-Value Vegetables” is also demonstrated thereat.

As we address the need for further information dissemination, the Greenhouse is one of the available facilities during study tours and seminars. It is an excellent venue for techno-demos of Best Management Practices (BMPs) like the use of spent mushroom substrates as organic fertilizer and soil conditioner. Other matured technologies are also available here such as vermiculture and vermicomposting; the use of dripper as a water-saving technology; and biogas for solid waste management. In response to solid waste management efforts, the use of plastic bottles as recycled pots for seedlings and herbal plants is also showcased.

article image
Students during their study tour at the BSWM

Some of the schools that were provided with services are Central Luzon State University, New Era University, Philippine Normal University, Technological University of the Philippines, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Far Eastern University, Centro Escolar University, Palawan State University, Pangasinan State University, Isabela State University, De La Salle-Araneta University, Philippine Science High School, Quezon City Science High School, and Manila Science High School. Other clients include farmers, government officials and private individuals that are interested in the BSWM techno-demos.

Through the years, the BSWM-SWRRD Greenhouse truly served its purpose of providing the balance needed for optimal growth not only for plants and techno-demos. More importantly, its natural effect to the environment also aids in the provision of information and services to the public which is needed for the optimum and sustainable BMP adaptation in the agricultural community.

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