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Comparative Efficiency and Economic Value of Biogas as an Alternative Fuel for Cooking

By Alan Anida – June 05, 2012

Now, it can be told… using biogas is more economical and environment-friendly than LPG, charcoal or firewood!

The study was conducted at the National Swine and Poultry Research and Development Center (NSPRDC), Tiaong, Quezon to determine the efficiency and economic value of the generated biogas from animal manure as alternative fuel to cooking using the commercial liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), charcoal and firewood. The activity was done in support to greenhouse gases (GHG) emission reduction, and for purposes of carbon credit rating.

In terms of ignition and cooking time, biogas is comparable to LPG and advantageous than charcoal and firewood, having a moisture content of about 8% and 16%, respectively. Using a gas meter, mean consumption of 87 liters biogas was measured to fully cook 1 kg of rice. At nominal prices, this translates to equivalent cost of PhP 3.30 which is cheaper than the use of LPG, charcoal or firewood. The capture and storage of biogas for cooking, however, remains a challenge. Technology commercialization is vital to encourage more households and enterprises to use biogas for cooking and thus contribute to reduction of GHG emission.

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