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The Other Side of Cartographic Operations Division (COD)

By Andres Calimutan – March 04, 2013

As part of its mandate, the COD supported not only the mapping activities of other division of BSWM but also other projects of the Department of Agriculture when requested. During the early days, the Division assisted in the mapping requirement of the Philippine Coconut Authority’s replanting program and the development projects of Bicol and Agusan River Basin; the division worked in collaboration with the Agricultural Land Management and Evaluation Division in all their evaluation projects and soil investigation activities of the Soil Survey Division.

Today, the COD still supports other divisions mapping requirement including the fabrication of Soil Water Resources 3D Model. Several staffs are likewise involved in various banner projects of the BSWM. Twelve personnel are tapped under the Organic Fertilizer Production Project in monitoring and gathering data and samples from various vermi-composting sites from Luzon to Mindanao. They are:

  • Dino Velasquez – CAR
  • Felicidad Alias – Region III
  • Godofredo Odejar – Region IV-A
  • Andres B. Calimutan – Region IV-B
  • Naphtali Mayuga – Region V
  • Reynaldo Villanueva – Region VI-A
  • Ariel Reyes – Region VI-B
  • Bonifacio Jogno Jr. – Region VIII
  • Pepito A. Espinili – Region IX
  • Cezar Ramos - Region XI
  • Farley Conde – Region XII
  • Roger Principe – ARMM

Four (4) staff serves as Front Liner Information and Desk Officers (FIDO) at the Client Center, to wit:

  • Feliciana Santiago
  • Helen Moya
  • Felicidad Alias
  • Eduardo Manzano

Four (4) staff are members of Inspection Committee namely:

  • Engr. Uldarico Andal – Chairman
  • Carmen Del Rosario – Secretariat/Member
  • Cezar Ramos – Member
  • Roger Principe – Member

Three (3) more were designated as Soil and Water Area Coordinator (SWAC)

  • Ariel Almeda – Region IV-A
  • Pablo Montalla – Region VII
  • Arman Arcamo – Region X

and another one (the author) conducts Land Use Surveying both for CLUP/SAFDZ Integration and Soil Fertility Project when available. These personnel conduct those duties in addition to their regular duties inside the COD.

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