The DA-Bureau of Soils and Water Management (DA-BSWM) debuted the 2022 World Soil Day (WSD) Celebration Awareness Raising Campaign at the Batasan Hills National High School (BHNHS), Quezon City last November 14, 2022.

Soil Survey Division (SSD) Chief Dr. Dante E. Margate stressed during his Message and presentation that healthy soils support healthy vegetation, serving as sustenance to people and other life forms. Furthermore, maintaining healthy soil will produce healthy crops which are beneficial for the health of the people.

During the Awareness Campaign, a ceremonial turn over of the 25 armchairs to the BHNHS ensued as part of the commitment of both parties to proactively shape BHNHS students on caring for the Philippines’ Soil. Property Management Unit Head Jodie L. Rico hoped that the donated chairs will be taken care of and valued by the school and its students.

In response, BHNHS Principal Dr. Eladio H. Escolano promised that the BHNHS will make good use of the armchairs assuring its proper handling and maintenance. He also committed to support the Advocacy Program for the protection of the soil.

The BHNHS is the most populated public high school in the Philippines with nearly 18,000 students.

The Awareness Raising Campaign is an initiative of the DA-BSWM to celebrate WSD held every 5th of December as an effort to emphasize the importance of healthy soil for a healthy life.