The BSWM, through the Water Resources Management Division (WRMD), provides assistance in terms of coordination and monitoring for the conduct of Cloud Seeding Operations (CSOps) in production areas, and critical watersheds or reservoirs, as may be requested during El Nino or prolonged dry spell. The CSOps was strengthened as BSWM mandate through Executive Order No. 366 – BSWM Rationalization Plan of 2015, wherein the function of the former National Artificial Rain Stimulation Office (NARSO) was absorbed by the Agro-Hydrology and Rain Stimulation Section (AHRSS) of WRMD.

The BSWM, as the nationally-mandated agency for CSOps, has formulated the Guidelines on the Implementation of Cloud Seeding Operations (2015) in consultation with DA-RFOs and other stakeholders. The BSWM accepts requests for CSOps from affected entities like DARFOs, LGUs, and other groups. Coordination with requesting party and DA RFO is performed from conduct of Joint Area Assessment from Pre-Cloud Seeding Operations to the Post Cloud Seeding Operations. The BSWM coordinates with the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) prior to the conduct of CSOps, and also taps the technical assistance of Philippine Air Force (PAF) on the conduct of CSOPs. CSOps monitoring reports are also submitted following the formats included in the guidelines. The BSWM agro-meteorological stations being maintained and monitored are utilized for local weather parameters relevant for the CSOps.


Implementing unit(s)

Water Resources Management Division (WRMD)
Collaborating Unit

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