The Laboratory Services Division (LSD) provides analytical services of soil, water, plant tissue, and fertilizer samples to all customers at the highest quality and accuracy and oversees the establishment and operation of all soils laboratories in the country pursuant to the provision of PO 1435.

Samples are analyzed based on standard methods with corresponding quality assurance procedures. The following are the analytical services conducted:

  • Soil chemical analysis in support to the agency programs, projects and activities and other relevant interested parties
  • Soil physical analysis to determine the soil distinct physical properties that serve as guide to soil classification and agricultural land evaluation and management
  • Water and fertilizer chemical analysis to determine their suitability for agricultural purposes, thereby ensuring good quality which is vital in food production
  • Plant tissue chemical analysis in support to research activities such as efficacy studies
  • Qualitative analysis on soils using soil test kits to assess nutrient status and for fertilizer recommendation
  • Microbiological analysis of soil, water, and fertilizer in support to different projects, researches, and studies of the BSWM, LGUs, NGOs, and SUCs for sustainable agriculture

The result of soil chemical/qualitative analysis serves as the basis of fertilizer recommendation. Guides to Fertilizer Recommendations for Various Crops also provide guidance on determining the right amount and kind of fertilizers to use.

The LSD also produces and distributes products such as soil test kits, rapid soil test kits, and soil test kit refills. These are produced following prescribed methods and undergo quality assurance procedures.

Furthermore, the LSD provides technical assistance to DA Soils Laboratories and other relevant interested parties through the conduct of trainings on soil, water, plant tissue, and fertilizer analyses, and production and quality control testing of legume inoculants and compost fungus activators.


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Laboratory Services Division (LSD)
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