The provision of technical assistance on soil conservation farm planning and establishment of soil conservation guided farm is being undertaken by the Soil Conservation and Management Division (SCMD). Relevant interested parties (RIPs) include farmers and farmers groups, NGA LGU, NGO and SUC. Site identification and selection is based on agreed and acceptable criteria.

Operational planning includes pre-implementation sub-processes such as 1) preparatory surveys and field data generation; 2) processing and analyses and maps production; 3) socioeconomic and market study; and 4) preparation of soils conservation farm plan and project report. Implementation sub-process includes 1) specialized training on soil conservation; 2) consultation and finalization of the soil conservation farm plan; 3) procurement and establishment of the soil conservation guided farm, and 4) monitoring and follow-up activities and reporting.


Implementing unit(s)

Soil Conservation Management Division (SCMD)
Collaborating Unit

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