The BSWM provides technical support and services relative to land use
matters, which include land use reclassification (LUR). The major basis and
reference in this process are the NPAAAD-SAFDZ Maps.

As prescribed in the DA Memorandum Circular No. 26 series of 2022 (DA MC
26 s.2022), the main actors in the LUR process are the Local Government Unit
(LGU), DA Regional Field Office (DA-RFO), Regional Land Use Technical
Working Group (RLUTWG) and its Secretariat, BSWM Technical Review Team
(TRT) and its Secretariat. The general procedure is as follows:

1. The LGUs in the crafting or updating of their Comprehensive Land Use
Plan (CLUP) will secure DA Certification on LUR by filing an application
at their nearest DA-RFO through the RLUTWG Secretariat.
2. The RLUTWG and the BSWM TRT conduct simultaneous technical
review and come up with a joint recommendation.
3. The RED issues the DA Certification (copy furnished DA-OSEC and

Notably, the BSWM through the Agricultural Land Management and Evaluation
Division (ALMED) spearheads the cascading activity of the DA MC 26 s. 2022
and capacity-building of the DA-RFOs and the LGUs, particularly for the latter’s
incorporation of Strategic Agriculture and Fishery Development Zone (SAFDZ)
and sustainable land management (SLM) into their CLUP.


NTECLUM Member –Agencies (DA FOS, DA-Legal, BSWM, NIA, SRA, PCA, and other on-call agencies) RTECLUM, LGU, HLURB, NEDA. Farmers (e.g. support of LGUs and other agencies/stakeholders to prime agricultural areas (SAFDZ) identified in the CLUPs)

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