The Department has prepared the Draft Administrative Circular on the Harmonization of Terms and Streamlining of Requirements and Procedures for Authorization and Recognition under the Regulatory Jurisdiction of the Department of Agriculture. The Circular intends to (1) harmonize the terminologies in granting authorization and recognition to stakeholders engaged in and/or intending to engage in regulated activities in the agriculture and fisheries sector; (2) streamline the requirements and procedures for granting the same across all DA regulatory agencies; and (3) strengthen regulatory system and effective regulatory coordination among DA and non-DA agencies, and Local Government Units.

This Circular covers products and commodities, persons, businesses, establishments, and trade and other activities under the regulatory jurisdiction of BAI, BPI, BFAR, BAFE, NMIS, PCA, NTA, SRA, FPA, PhilFIDA, NDA, BSWM, BAFS.

All relevant public stakeholders are highly encouraged to attend the virtual consultation which will be organized on the following schedule: Date Details May 13 Public Stakeholders of BPI, PCA, PhilFIDA, SRA, NTA, BAFE, FPA, BAFS and BSWM May 17 Public Stakeholders of BAI, NMIS, NDA, BAFE, FPA, BAFS, and BSWM May 20 Public Stakeholders of BFAR, BAI-AFVDBCD, BAFE, FPA, BAFS, and BSWM You may register through this link:

Meeting links will be provided through the registered email address in Google Forms. All written comments and/or position papers are requested to be submitted through Google Forms at:

For more information, you may download the following documents by clicking the links below:

1. Policy Brief –

2. Full Text of the Draft Administrative Circular – All submissions will be accepted up to May 30, 2022.