Information Unit

Functions Develop and implement a social media content management plan for the management of  social media campaigns, development of  relevant content topics to create awareness on the various programs, projects and activities and handling and  monitoring of feedbacks and suggestions… Read more

Building and Grounds Administration

Function Prepare plans, programs and activities relating to repairs/preventive maintenance of BSWM infrastructure Conduct inspection of the building and facilities and recommend repairs whenever necessary Facilitate the conduct of fire safety seminars, drills, and similar activities Provide general utility services… Read more

Records Unit

Functions Provide guidance on the maintenance and disposition of records and on the procurement and storage of supplies in accordance with government prescribed standards Receive, sort, record and release all incoming and outgoing messages/ communications for action Record Special Orders,… Read more

Property Management Unit

Functions Undertake custody , care and safekeeping of  records of property entrusted to responsible employee and officials Maintain and update systematic file of all records of fixed assets and individual accountabilities Implement appraisal, and periodic inventories of the issued equipment/… Read more

Procurement Management Section

Functions Procurement planning Purchasing (to cover all phases of the procurement process) Contract Management (to cover all post-award contract management activities e.g. monitoring of compliance to the contract, coordination with end users for the acceptance of the goods and services,… Read more

Planning and Monitoring

Functions Formulate long-range and annual plans and programs for the agency Formulate basic policies and guidelines for the preparation of the agency budget, including those for the detailed allocation of funds for capital outlays, and coordinate with the Budget section… Read more

Personnel Section

Functions Advise management on personnel policy and administration Administer  and handle personnel recruitment, selection, placement, and promotion Process appointments, promotions, merit increases, step increment, salary adjustments, transfers, separations, reinstatements, and other personnel transactions Administer and monitor performance appraisal, leave administration,… Read more

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