utilizing LAND and WATER resources in the Philippines sustainably to reduce poverty through applications of sustainable land management practices

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Launching of the BSWM MAP PORTAL marks the 63rd anniversary celebration of BSWM

Posted on June 06, 2014. One of the highlights of the agency’s 63rd anniversary celebration last June 5 was the launching of the BSWM MAP PORTAL ( Ms. Carol Geron of World Bank ... view post

Cartographic Operations Division (COD) Goes Digital

Posted on March 04, 2013. The COD started when analog maps are the heart and soul of cartography. Fairly equipped due to equipment infusion of FAO-UNDP grant aid, the COD produced diazo-printed maps, hand ... view post

Soil and Water Resources 3D-Model

Posted on March 04, 2013. Soil and Water Resources 3D-Model (relief model) is a special kind of map which is a scaled representation of a part or whole of an area showing its horizontal dimension (spatial ... view post

The Cartographic Operations Division (COD)

Posted on March 04, 2013. The Cartographic Operations Division (COD) was originally a section of the Soil Survey Division. Its status as a division was realized in 1978 through the FAO/UNDP Land Resources ... view post

The Other Side of Cartographic Operations Division (COD)

Posted on March 04, 2013. As part of its mandate, the COD supported not only the mapping activities of other division of BSWM but also other projects of the Department of Agriculture when requested. During ... view post

BSWM Hosts 4th Bhutanese Institutional Visits

Posted on December 17, 2012. The Bureau of Soils and Water Management (BSWM) through the Soil Conservation Management Division (SCMD) headed by Engr. Samuel Contreras, hosted the Bhutanese Institutional Visit, ... view post

"Partnerships for Biodiversity Conservation: Mainstreaming in Local Agricultural Landscapes" otherwise known as Biodiversity Partnerships Projects (BPP)

Posted on December 03, 2012. The Biodiversity Partnerships Projects (BPP) is an initiative of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Parks and Wildlife Bureau (DENR-PAWB) and the National Economic ... view post

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