The BSWM provides technical support and services relative to application on land use reclassification (LUR) and other land use matters. Relevant interested parties, particularly landowners who propose to utilize their agricultural lands to non-agriculture use, shall comply with the requirements of existing laws and guidelines. The National Technical Evaluation Committee on Land Use Matters (NTECLUM), an inter-agency committee created by the DA and chaired by the BSWM, deliberate on the applications for LUR which should be properly endorsed by the Regional Technical Evaluation Committee on Land Use Matters (RTECLUM) of the DARFOs. The corresponding certification on LUR (Certificate of Eligibility/Non-Eligibility for Land Use Reclassification) is signed by the DA Secretary or his designated authority, then issued to the landowners by the NTECLUM through its Technical Secretariat.


Implementing unit(s)

Agricultural Land Management and Evaluation Division (ALMED)
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