On May 17-18, 2023 a Technical Briefing and Capability Building of Farmers on Adaptive Balanced Fertilization Strategy was conducted in San Roque, Talibon, Bohol, spearheaded by Mr. Joven P. Espineli, Regional Focal of Region VII, together with Engr. Wilfredo A. Gultiano, Alternate Focal, and the Implementation Team: Mr. Leolito D. Siase, Melody M. Orogo, Ann Fatima A. Benjamin, and Chari Ann A. Maestre.

ABFS is a science-based farming method that focuses on the use of cost-efficient and proper combinations of organic and inorganic fertilizers to sustain the increases in rice productivity.

On day one (May 17, 2023), the Technical Briefing was attended by representatives from the following offices: DA RFO VII, Agricultural Promotion Center (APC), Agricultural Promotion Coordinating Office (APCO), Office of the Provincial Agriculturist, Office of the Municipal Agriculturist, San Roque Irrigators Service Association (SARISA), and LGUs from San Miguel, Pilar, Talibon, Guinhulman, Candijay, Ubay, Trinidad, and Dagohoy. Each of the offices commits to cooperate and to provide technical assistance for the implementation and success of the ABFS techno-demo. 

On day two (May 18, 2023), the Capability Building was attended by around 120 SARISA farmers, and representatives from the following offices: DA RFO VII, Office of the Municipal Agriculturist Talibon, and LGU Talibon. Honorable Mayor Janette A. Garcia of the Talibon Municipality paid a quick visit in the event area, a small introduction was made regarding the ABFS Program and its benefits, and Mayor Garcia is pleased to provide necessary support for the success of the program. She expressed her gratitude that the local farmers of Talibon were selected as beneficiaries of the techno-demo. 

During the two-day event, the overview of ABFS, Stratified Soil Sampling Protocol, the Agro-Socio Economic Survey, and Monitoring and Data Collection was presented. One of the highlights is the status of the soil fertility level in Central Visayas which is moderately low and in 2022 the region produced only 2.72 tons/ha of rice which is below the national average yield of 4.11 tons/ha. The ABFS will be of great contribution not only to increase rice production but also improve soil condition and boost agricultural productivity.

The event officially ended with an inspiring message from Mr. Crensencio, Vice President of SARISA, and on behalf of the beneficiaries, they are grateful to the ABFS and DA-BSWM. A big round of applause to everyone for the success of the event.

Other Matter

Lastly, on day three (May 19, 2023), the inspection of the delivery of farm inputs (organic and inorganic fertilizers, and seeds) was conducted together with Ms. Karen Sagan, BSWM Inspector, Mr. Espineli, End-user representative, Mr. Cresencio, Vice President of SARISA (beneficiary representative), and BSWM technical staff.

Meanwhile, Director Angel C. Enriquez, Regional Executive Director of DA-VII, and her team joined the BSWM together with the LGU technical staff on the conduct of soil sampling for laboratory analysis as one of the requirements for data collection.