In line with the Presidential Decree No. 1435 updated Implementing Rules and Regulations per DA
Department Circular No. 3 s. 2019 and DA Memorandum Circular No. 33 s. Of 2020 or the
Guidelines on the Issuance of License to Operate Soil Laboratory (LTO-SL), the DA-Bureau of Soils
and Water Management-Laboratory Services Division (DA-BSWM-LSD) and PD 1435 Team
spearheaded the Pre-Proficiency Testing Conference with the theme of “Proficiency Testing, a tool
essential for monitoring of laboratory technical competence” last July 5, 2022 at DA-BSWM
Fernando H. Lopez Hall, Quezon City.

The Pre-Proficiency Testing Conference comes in line with the strategic orientation on the
Proficiency Testing that qualifies on the international quality standards ISO/IEC 17043:2010, which
will contribute to the Philippines National Soil Laboratory Network (Phil NASOLAN) members on
harmonization of test methods and standardized operations of soil laboratories.

In addition, the conference aims to spread a quality and standard knowledge on Proficiency Testing
as External Quality Control; BSWM Recommended Methods on Soil Organic Carbon (Walkley-Black
Method Method), Soil Total Nitrogen (Kjedahl Method), Soil Organic Carbon, Soil Total Nitrogen
(Dumas Combustion Method), Soil Available Phosphorus (Bray I, Bray Ii, and Olsen P), Soils
Exchangeable K and Soil Particle Size Analysis (Hydrometer Method); Intoduction to Phil NASOLAN
Proficiency Testing Participants; Introduction to Proficiency Testing Website; and Ways forward for
the Phil NASOLAN Proficiency Testing Scheme.

DA-BSWM Director Engr. Pablo M. Montalla congratulated DA-BSWM Assistant Director and
National Soil Health Program (NSHP) National Focal Person Dr. Gina P. Nilo for the support and
leadership on the soon-to-launch Phil NASOLAN Proficiency Testing Scheme.

“With the soon-to-be launching of the Phil NASOLAN Proficiency Testing Scheme, soil laboratories
around the country can have access to a free proficiency testing program that can contribute to the
assessment of the accuracy of laboratories and their staff. It is worth mentioning that with the
support of the National Soil Health Program, which has now become the banner program of the
Department of Agriculture, BSWM has become the first Proficiency Testing Provider for soil
analysis in the Philippines.. I would like to congratulate the BSWM-Laboratory Services Division,
through the leadership of Dr. Gina P. Nilo for making this possible” Director Montalla said.

The Presidential Decree No. 1435 which authorizes the Bureau of Soils and Water Management to
supervise, regulate and control the establishment and operations of all soil laboratories in the
Philippines. Furthermore, The DA-BSWM has established the Philippine National Soil Laboratory
Network or the Phil NASOLAN in 2019. Moreover, as of July 2022, a total number of 44 soil
laboratories are members of Phil NASOLAN which from Regional Field Offices, State Universities
and Colleges, and Private Soil Laboratories.

Lastly, a total of 110 participants on-site and on-line, joined the Philippines National Soil
Laboratory Network Conference from DA National, Regional Field Offices, State Universities and
Colleges, Research, Private Soil Laboratories and stakeholders.