The DA-Bureau of Soils and Water Management (DA-BSWM), through the BSWM Youth and Children Committee, commenced its series of “Iskwelahang Munti Drive: Awareness Raising Campaign.” Its first-ever activity was held today, 29 June 2023, at San Martin National High School, City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan,

Officially starting the Program was through the Welcome Message delivered by San Martin National High School Principal Ms. Elisa U. Jarabe. This was followed by an Inspirational Message by DA-BSWM Director and BSWM Youth and Children Committee Adviser Dr. Gina P. Nilo. After which, DA-BSWM Personnel Section Chief and Committee Co-Chairperson Ms. Nancy C. De Sagun shared with the participants the Rationale behind this remarkable activity.

Highlighting the activity was the portion entitled “Let’s Talk About our Soil and Water Resources (Learn and Have Fun)” which included an Audio Visual Presentation showcasing the importance of soil and water for agriculture. This was followed by a demonstration of the use of a Soil Test Kit. This was conducted by Ms. Agnes C. Morada and Mr. Wilfredo O. De Mesa, Jr. of the DA-BSWM Laboratory Services Division.

Giving the students the fun part of the activity, a Team from the BSWM Youth and Children Committee challenged the participants’ listening skills as they were encouraged to join the game. Simple tokens were given to those who participated.

As part of the activity, there was a Ceremonial Turnover of the chairs donated by the DA-BSWM to San Martin National High School. This activity was through the BSWM Property Management Unit headed by Mr. Jodie L. Rico who discussed the relevant matters regarding the Chair Donation.

BSWM Assistant Director and Youth and Children Committee Chair Ms. Denise A. Solano delivered her Message before the participants of the activity wherein she encouraged the youth to be aware of the importance of  soil and water for agriculture.

A Response Message was then conveyed by San Martin National High School’s Student Representative Mr. Aaron Paul Garrucho. In his Message, Mr. Garrucho thanked the DA-BSWM for its activities for their School.

To officially close the Program, Teacher’s Club President Mr. Romnick V. Dianzon delivered his Closing Message extending his gratitude to the DA-BSWM for the activity.

The “Iskwelahang Munti Drive: Awareness Raising Campaign” focuses on sharing the Importance of Soil and Water to Grade School and Junior High School students. This aims to help in opening their minds and hearts on knowing more extensively the importance of soil and water for agriculture.

Towards the end, a Call for Action was uttered by the participants – “Together, let us nurture the land that feeds us.”

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