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At present, prices of inorganic fertilizers, especially Urea are increasing at the rate that impedes the gains obtained from crop improvement programs.

Most farms in the Philippines are heavily dependent on inorganic fertilizers (to the extent that our concept of high yield for a given cropping season will only be attained using these external inputs) while farm wastes are improperly managed and nutrient management strategies are not widely applied in many parts of the country. These practices have placed the farmers in the chain of debt burden from traders who finance their production inputs.

One of the best options is Organic Based Agriculture-Development Program (Agri-Kalikasan). It is a science-based sustainable agricultural and rural development program that advocates the implementation of organic-based farming guided by scientific principles. It promotes safe and judicious use and proper mixtures of oil-based chemical fertilizers; recycled composted home and farm wastes and other forms and natural sources of soil ameliorants and organic fertilizers. This program is the primary DA strategic cost-reduction, environment-friendly food production measure that aims to reduce the dependence of vulnerable small farmers on chemical-based fertilizers.