The Bureau of Soils and Water Management (BSWM) through the Soil and Water Resources Research Division (SWRRD) conducted a seminar entitled “Seminar on Nutrient Management on Paddy Soils for Increased Rice Production” on February 27-28, 2020 at Lhexlyn Hotel and Restaurant in San Narciso, Zambales. The 2-day activity aims to provide knowledge in nutrient management on paddy soils, to increase awareness of the importanceof nutrient management on paddy soils and to identify micronutrient deficiencies in paddy soils. This was attended and participated by 43 participants including farmers, LGUs and staff from the Bureau of Soils and Water Management.

A farmer, soil scientist and retired professor from the Central Luzon State University, Dr. Nenita Dela Cruz was invited to share her knowledge, expertise and practical experiences in nutrient management for increased rice production. She briefly discussed the principles of soil science, the status and importance of soil in the ecosystem. She stressed that intensive crop production and the use of chemicals without further knowledge are the common mistakes of farmers resulting to highly depleted soils that led to unsustained crop production. Thus, she emphasized that knowing the proper soil fertility level, soil nutrient management and effective pest management should be practiced. She also shared her experiences as a farmer and gave the participants tips on managing their farm fields while considering the health of the soil. She ended the topic with the philosophy “feed the soil to feed the plant”. She alsopresented the “Gabay sa producksyon ng palay alinsunod sa Integrated Nutrient Management Technology (INM) Tamang Binhi”.It was about the guide for proper production of rice using INM. This includes the principle of INM, the balanced fertilization to maintain and sustain soil fertility and productivity, use of fertilizers such as liquid fertilizer and its effects.The participants were enlightened and actively participated in the open forum.

Another topic on this seminar was on the importance of zinc amelioration discussed by Ms. Angelita C. Marcia, the Assistant Project Leader of Piloting of Soil Ameliorant in Zinc Deficient Areas Project. Farmer-cooperators namely Mr. Noli Ragadio, Mr. Luis Cava and Mr. Jordan Carbonel gave their testimonies on the improvement of the performance of rice and crop yield.

By this seminar, the participants, especially the farmers, were provided with updated information to boost their knowledge which can be of help improve their crops and soil for better yield and income.