The Bureau of Soils and Water Management-National Soil and Water Resources Research and Development Center for Hillyland Pedo-Ecological Zone (BSWM-NSWRRDC HILLPEZ) conducted a 2-day training activity entitled “Capacity Enhancement on Mokusaku Technology” on March 30 to 31, 2022 at the NSWRRDC HILLPEZ, Km 53, Barangay Cuyambay, Tanay, Rizal.

Participants of the training were employees of Bureau of Soils and Water Management: Water Resources Management Division (WRMD), Soil Conservation and Management Division (SCMD), Geomatics Soil Information and Technology Division (GSITD), Soils Survey Division (SSD), Laboratory Services Division (LSD), National Soil and Water Resources Research and Development Center for Lowland-Upland Pedo-Ecological Zone (NSWRRDC LUPEZ), Director’s Office, and Records Unit. Also present was the delegate from Rizal Agricultural Research and Experiment Station (RARES), who also uses Mokusaku technology.
Mr. Roosbelt P. Creencia, Senior Science Research Specialist and in-charge of the mokusaku production at NSWRRDC HILLPEZ served as the resource person of the training which was done with two lectures on the first day – “Establishment of Mokusaku facility” and “Mokusaku Production and its Usage”, which Mr. Creencia discussed. He explained the parts and construction of the Mokusaku facility, and how the Mokusaku is being produced, its different uses, and its proper usage, respectively.

While a field tour took place on the second day where the participants had a walk-through in the Center’s Mokusaku facility where the resource person demonstrated the process of Mokusaku production, followed by a trip in the different vegetable demonstration sites applied with Mokusaku. After which, the participants proceeded to Rizal Agricultural Research and Experiment Station (RARES) for comparison of Mokusaku facility thereat.
The said activity was conducted to serve as a refresher for the BSWM staff who already have knowledge of the Mokusaku technology and cascade the knowledge and awareness to those staff with little to no knowledge of the technology.
The Mokusaku also known as wood vinegar is a Japanese technology with various use such as fertigation, foliar spray, insect repellant, etc. that is best used for organic farming.