The Department of Agriculture – Bureau of Soils and Water Management (DA-BSWM), through the Compost Production Implementation Team (CPIT), conducted a Hands-on Training on the Actual Operation and Maintenance of Compost Facility for Biodegradable Wastes (CFBW) for C.Y. 2023 at the DA-BSWM Compound last November 7 to 9, 2023. This Training was attended by CPIT Staff along with esteemed representatives from the National Organic Agriculture Program of the Department of Agriculture.

This Hands-on training comprehensively addressed key components essential for participants to develop proficiency in composting practices, as it delved into detailed exploration of composting techniques, facility establishment, maintenance protocols, and proper handling of biomass shredder. The training extended to encompass the operational aspects of the CFBW, providing participants with practical insights about its operation and maintenance.

Composting is an essential element within the framework of sustainable organic agriculture. This initiative involves utilizing composting, a natural process that transforms organic waste into nutrient-rich soil conditioner. By doing so, it promotes sustainability by recycling organic materials and reducing reliance on synthetic fertilizers. The benefits extend to nutrient recycling, waste reduction, improved soil health, and increased resilience to climate change. Additionally, the initiative encourages community engagement, education on sustainable practices, and aligns with the principles of regenerative agriculture. The ultimate goal is to foster a healthy and enduring ecosystem that benefits the environment and society as a whole.