Department of Agriculture-Bureau of Soils and Water Management (DA-BSWM) Director Gina P. Nilo was a member of the Department of Agriculture’s (DA) delegation to China from 10 April 2023 to 15 April 2023. The purpose of the Official Trip was the discussion of the Juncao Project and related technologies. The Juncao technology – which in Chinese means breeding fungi with herbaceous plants – has benefitted more than a hundred countries and regions worldwide by addressing poverty, soil erosion and desertification.

Part of the itinerary of the delegation are visits to the China National Engineering and Research Center of JUNCAO Technology – FUZHOU; Juncao Demonstration Center – FUZHOU; Juncao Panel Industrial Park – NANPING; Forage Industry Park – NANPING Third Harbor Consultants Co., Ltd. – SHANGHAI; Special Report on the Juncao Demonstration Center Project – SHANGHAI; China Road and Bridge Corporation – BEIJING. 

The other Members of the Philippines DA Delegation were Director Gerald Glenn F. Panganiban; Director Paul C. Limson; Director Ruth M. Sonaco; Director Fernando D. Flores; OIC-Director Joell H. Lales; OIC-Chief Angelita D. Martir, and Special Envoy Benito G. Techico.