DA-BSWM Soil and Water Resources Research Division (SWRRD) facilitated the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on Philippine Soil Partnership (PSP) Terms of Reference and Recarbonization of Soils Program (RECSOIL) last 29 September 2023, at the BSWM Lecture Room 1.

The FGD was participated in by representatives from the DA-Regional Field Offices (DA-RFOs) Research Division and Regional Soils Laboratory from Region II, III, and IV-A, DA Attached Bureaus and Agencies, other National Government Agencies (NGAs), State Universities and Colleges (SUCs), and private Sectors. This was formally opened, and participants were welcomed by BSWM Director Gina P. Nilo.

Being the national focal agency for Global Soil Partnership (GSP) and Asian Soil Partnership (ASP), the BSWM aims to strengthen the operationalization of the Philippine Soil Partnership by forming Terms of Reference- the governance and composition of the PSP.

As such, the PSP Terms of Reference was discussed and facilitated by Dr. Karen S. Bautista, and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations’ (FAO-UN) RECSOIL Program was discussed by Dr. Bautista and Ms. Angelita Marcia.

In addition, during the FGD and as part of PSP Activities, the National Adoption of FAO’s RECSOIL Program in the Philippines  has been discussed including its background, rationale, and process of implementation. The participants then provided comments and inputs for the PSP Terms of Reference and Local Implementation of RECSOIL Program.