As the harvesting for the Wet Season 2023 field trial sites of Nitrogen Fertilizer Use Efficiency (NFUE) to Increase Grain Yield and Minimize Nitrogen Loading from Selected Irrigated Rice Areas in the Philippines (NUE R&D Study) in Region 6 was held, farmer cooperators expressed their gratitude to the Department of Agriculture- Bureau of Soils and Water Management (DA-BSWM) for being part of the Project.

“Ang kagandahan ng project na ito ay malalaman namin ang tamang dami at tayming ng paglagay ng fertilizer – kung gaano kadami lang ang nakukuha ng halaman at upang maiwasan ang sobrang paglagay kasi maaaring malason ang lupa. Kaya, bilang farmer cooperator, sinisigurado rin namin na maayos at naaalagaan ang farms para maging successful din ang project,” as stated by Farmer Cooperator Mae Maatubang of Pook, Kalibo. The same gratitude was also expressed by Mr. Stanly Liberato and Ms. Teresita Relimbo, farmer cooperators in Bgys Muguing and Pagsanghan in  Banga, Aklan, respectively.

The harvesting for the three sites in Region 6  was held last October 3-4, 2023 where yield data, plant tissue, and soil samples were collected for chemical and isotopic analysis. 

This Project aims to optimize NFUE through the rational use of N fertilizer with the right timing of fertilizer application at the farm level to provide optimum yield in rice while minimizing N loading into the water bodies. It was implemented from 2021-2023 and conducted in Regions 1, 3, and 6,  identified as among the major rice growing areas in the Philippines.

 As part of the advocacy efforts of the BSWM, copies of the soil analysis in their respective farms were also provided by the Team to the Farmer Cooperators. Likewise, the Aklan Office of the Provincial Agriculturist and Municipal Agriculture Offices of Banga and Kalibo were also given access to e-copies of the soil fertility maps generated from the National Soil  Sampling and Testing (NSST) Project of the agency. Their officials acknowledged the significance of the provided data in recommending appropriate rates of fertilizers for rice in their locality. They also showed support to the DA-BSWM by expressing their willingness to provide sites and be active partners in future R&D projects and technology demonstration of the agency.

Muguing, Banga

Pagsanjan, Banga

Pook, Kalibo