It all started with a dream of selflessly serving the nation…

In 1982, he graduated with a degree in Agricultural Engineering at the then Gregorio Araneta University Foundation. He then took Master of Science in Agricultural Engineering in the same University in 1999. He also studied a Post Graduate Course in Water Resources Survey at the International Training Center in the Netherlands, and a Postgraduate Course in Hydrometeorology at the Ministry of Meteorology, Avia, State of Israel.

These were just part of his training to become an expert in his field. Part of his preparation for a much bigger responsibility ahead. 

Two years after graduating from the university, he has already been serving the Philippines through the Department of Agriculture-Bureau of Soils and Water Management (DA-BSWM) where he started as a Technical Casual employee. He was hired into various permanent positions with the DA-BSWM. Years later, he became the Chief of the BSWM’s Geomatics and Soil Information Technology Division (GSITD), the Division mandated to generate geospatial data and conduct geospatial analysis of DA-BSWM’s map outputs for agricultural development planning, research, and policy formulation to assist the Department of Agriculture (DA) and other stakeholders on their requirements for GIS and spatial data. 

Being an organic personnel of the DA-BSWM, he has been an expert in various fields such as Geospatial Technology (Geographic Information System, Remote Sensing), Land Use Planning, Topographic Surveying, Farm Agriculture. He has also been involved in various committees and project involvements throughout the course of his government service: he is a member of the International Soil and Water Conservation Society, Philippine Society of Agricultural Engineers, Philippine Soil Science and Technology Society, Netherlands Fellowship Foundation of the Philippines, Inc., International Soil Science Society, and the Bureau of Soils and Water Management Employees Association.

He is a person whose passion for the nation has brought him into where he is today. He is the new DA-BSWM Director Engr. Pablo Minas Montalla, the 8th Director of the BSWM. 

Director Montalla is appointed as the new DA-BSWM Director through the appointment from the Office of the President, dated 08 June 2021. On 14 June 2021, Director Montalla took his oath before Department of Agriculture Secretary William D. Dar. 

As soon as he was appointed as the Bureau Director, Engr. Montalla has made his plans and goals set for the DA-BSWM. Meetings with the officials were conducted, visions were laid down.

This is the start of yet another journey for the Bureau that is mandated on the sustainable management of soil and water resources for agriculture. With his years of experience and passion for agriculture, the Bureau is definitely in great leadership. 

There are more in store for the agency and its stakeholders, and Director Montalla is more than ready to face what’s ahead. With the coordination of the experts of the BSWM, the future looks even brighter. The Bureau is taking the path towards fulfilling its mandate in line with the goal of the Department of Agriculture, that is to ensure a food-secure Philippines with empowered and prosperous farmers and fisherfolk. Towards a Masaganang Ani, Mataas na Kita.

For Director Montalla, this is indeed an appointed time. This is the perfect time to be of greater service to the agency that has been a second home to him for the past decades.